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Challenges In My Local Gym

The Gym I go to is currently doing challenges every month. Below are some of the challenges I have entered. I do not enter every month, just the ones I think I stand some chance of doing without crashing and burning. No I have no interest of failing miserably. If I feel I have a chance of doing well I will give it a try.

02:10 mins
Spiderman Pushups

This was the first challenge I entered. It was a new exercise for me so I was not sure how I would do, but I felt I had a chance of winning as the circuits I do involve a lot of body weight exercises and cardio. I managed to complete 64 as a maximum in 1 minute. There were a few queries hence the video below is taken to confirm that my knees are touching my elbows. In the end they decided to give me the challenge with 56. That was my lowest score, but all 4 of my attempts were higher than anyone else. So I got my first t-shirt (that is the prize) at Stones Gym.
If you are not sure how many I do please feel free to count them in the video. I would say 60 on this attempt (40 before I stop for the first time). I do not think I done too bad... ?

01:30 mins
Tricep Dips.

Was another one of the challenges I took up. As many as I could in a minute? No problem, or so I thought. I will do around 40 on a good day, so I thought 50 or more would be within reach. Unfortunately I thought wrong..
I made two attempts, 43 in total in the video below, and 35 on my second attempt (which I decided not to post). So I got nowhere near the number I believed I could get to. No excuses, I did have a slight cold, but the winner got more than 65 so I can put this one down to a total beat down for me. Back to the old drawing board on this exercise please..

04:16 mins
Memory of the Past

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